Sweet Potatoes

my recipe

3 large yams (Beauregard)
2 T butter
maple syrup (optional)
brown sugar
orange zest (optional)
mozzarella cheese
or grand marnier

Bake scrubbed, pierced yams 45-60 min. at 400 degrees

Heat butter, brown sugar, and either cheese or grand marnier (syrup is optional).

Peel and mash cooled potatoes, add butter sauce, mix, add salt and pepper.

Serve ASAP or reheat.

(Food TV also suggests balsamic vinegar- haven’t tried it)

Serve with:

Beets- boiled, or add vinegar and sour cream

Sparkling cider

Mustard pork chops-
Brown chops in oil, mustard, thyme, marjoram, garlic, shallots.
Add chicken stock, dry wine, brown grain mustard.
Reduce, cook thoroughly.